14 days to a stronger middle! Get Sexy Abs in Just Two Weeks!

The best part about fitness is feeling healthy. However, having sleek looking abs is also a huge plus. If you’re looking to tone and strengthen those core muscles, check out our newest 14-day Abs Challenge!

It’s a simple challenge that anyone can follow. You’ll be doing three moves per day, increasing the number of reps each day. Because the challenge is so simple and flexible, you can either do it as an early morning workout, or as part of your regular gym routine. Whatever works for you! Whatever your style, just make sure you crunch, twist, and plank!

Although we recommend using a light weight for the Russian twist, it’s not necessary for completing the challenge. You can use nothing but your bodyweight and still get great results. This is a no-excuses stronger abs challenge!

What You’ll Need: a mat or towel to lay on the floor, and an optional small weight to use for Russian twists



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