6-year-old pulls out baby brother’s teeth for “tooth fairy” money

Chico, California | A first-grader from Butte County found an original way to make money, by pulling his younger brother’s teeth out and “selling them to the tooth fairy”.

When he lost a tooth in April, 6-year Ramon Sanchez placed it under his pillow and obtained $1 for it from “the tooth fairy”.

Showing quite an entrepreneurial spirit, the young boy says he figured there was some “market demand” for fallen teeth, and that he could actually make money if he found a way to get more.

Expanding His Business

The first-grader began approaching other kids, asking for their teeth in exchange for a percentage of the profit. Ramon obtained six teeth from four of his classmates in the first two weeks and was able to “sell them” for a total profit of 3$.

Hoping to expand his business, he approached his younger brother, 4-year old Cesar Sanchez, and was able to convince him to give up all of his teeth for money.

The young businessman then grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled his sibling’s teeth out one by one. After about half an hour of hard labor, the 6-year old had successfully pulled out all 20 of his brother’s teeth.

The End of a Dream 

The boys’ mother, Linda Ramirez, entered the room a few minutes her sons finished and was horrified to find her boy toothless.

“All of Cesar’s teeth were lying on the table but he kept smiling and saying that he was going to be rich.” 

The kids rapidly explained that this was part of a “business plan” and to make money off the “teeth market”.

“Ramon told me he had decided to create the biggest teeth company in California and become the Bill Gates of lost teeth.”

Ms. Ramirez says she had paid the first seven teeth without ever thinking of their provenance but admits she should probably have paid more attention to what her son was doing.

Linda Ramirez says her son’s business experiment will probably cost her many hundreds of dollars of dentist fees.

Many kids believe in the Tooth Fairy, just like they believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

A lot of parents maintain the illusion by giving money themselves to their children in exchange for their lost teeth.

Ramon Sanchez is definitely more ambitious than most boys of his age, and he’s certainly the first kids to try and become the fairy’s exclusive supplier of lost teeth.


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