Buff Marine Sets Instagram On Fire With His Workout Routines…And Abs!

The United States Marine Corps has pumped out it’s fair share of heroes…but have they ever pumped out a real-life Captain America, who now holds a world record in The Guinness Book of World Records? I don’t think so, but then again you can correct me if I’m wrong.

Michael Eckert is a Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps, and when he isn’t stationed overseas doing his duty for his country, the quite ripped 26-year-old from Winter Park, Florida is smashing fitness records, competing on American Ninja Warrior, and even teaching his fellow Marines how to get into shape.

The guy has established himself as one who can handle some amazing physical feats, and it is because of those impossible feats of strength and muscular control, that Eckert has amassed such a large amount of followers on his social media pages like Instagram.

Standing at little over average height for males, 5’11”, and weighing 175 lbs., Michael doesn’t even have to exhibit the unbelievable things he can do on workout equipment for it to be clear that he’s all muscle. His six-pack, chiseled back, and bulging biceps are all the evidence you need.

His Instagram videos alone have amassed him nearly 50,000 followers, and they all show Michael using equipment at the gym and at home with skillfulness.