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California Officials Pass New Bill To Ensure Illegals Can Work Safely In U.S.

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California Assembly
California’s Newest Illegal Protection Bill Passed The Assembly And Is Heading To The Senate.

California is usually the first place to look if there is opposition to a Trump order or policy. They are full of Democrats who won’t stop until the elected leader is impeached.

To keep themselves busy, they are also drafting new legislations that are going to protect illegal immigrants, arguably President Trump’s biggest target.

The California Assembly passed a bill, which is on its way to the Senate, and it’s aimed at protecting illegal immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Assemblyman David Chiu’s bill, AB450, will stop workplace raids from occurring unless there is a warrant or subpoena.

They claim the bill is going to make sure that President Trump follows the law to deport millions of illegal immigrants.

The Democrat from San Francisco said, “This bill is about ensuring that if Donald Trump wants to send 10,000 ICE agents into our workplaces, that he do it legally. We need to stand up for our immigrant families, we need to stand up for our immigrant workers.”

Protect Illegals
California Wants To Protect Illegals As Much As Possible.

In other words, illegals can stay in the country, even though it’s against the law, but if they are going to be deported, Trump has to follow the law.

Advocates of the bill admit they haven’t seen any workplace raids in the state since Trump has been inaugurated.

The reason for the bill, according to Steve Smith of the California Labor Federation, is because the administration has empowered immigration enforcement agents.

One of the Assemblywomen, Blanca Rubio, supports the bill due to the fact she was a former illegal immigrant herself.

However, Republican members claim the bill is going to put business owners in a terrifying position.

They won’t be able to cooperate with federal law enforcement if they wanted to.

According to Assemblyman Matthew Harper (R-Huntington Beach), the measure will also stop immigration officials from doing their job. Way to go California.

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