CHILLING: Deep State Chat Log INTERCEPTED & What Is On It Is Horrifying!

Obama’s “Deep State” shadow government is something that we here at Political Mayhem have reported on more than once.

Even before certain Democrats decided to oust the Ex-Potus’s secret plans on the news.

And, because of all this information, the rabbit hole continues to deepen daily.

There are people in certain groups that have the ability to surf the ‘deep web’.

These people are on the constant search for the truth about what the government is really doing to the American people.

This video will give you a good basis in the reality of it all and screenshots are posted below of the actual conversation as discovered by someone who goes only by the name of ‘FreshCamel.’

A deep state chat was discovered on the internet that will give you chills.

Thankfully, someone was able to infiltrate it and take screenshots of what was happening so we could present it to you.

Watch the video here: