Cold fingers? See what disease you may suffer

Usually teguments are cooler than other parts of the body because blood is sent to the important organs. However, if your teguments are always cold you might have some health problems.

You might have cold fingers because the thyroid gland is not functioning well. Thyroid is important in taking care of the body temperature, and when it functions too slowly other body function slow down. That’s why your face fatigue, you are dealing with constipation and your fingers are always cold. Hypothyroidism is more common in women over 50 years.Read More

Blood circulation problems
Blood problems appear when the amounts of nutrients and oxygen that exists in the blood is reduced because the heart doesn’t function correctly or due to cholesterol deposits from arteries. When blood doesn’t circulate well throughout the body, your hands and feet are cold, numb and tingle.

Anemia occurs when the human body doesn’t have enough red blood cells or when the amount of hemoglobin is too small. In those circumstances, the human body receives a small doze of oxygen therefore you’ll always have cold fingers. Besides cold fingers, you can deal with excessive fatigue, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath and pale skin.

Lack of B12
Vitamin B 12 is found in meat, eggs, milk and other dairy products, it is very important for increasing the number of red blood cells. The lack of this vitamin leads to anemia and occurs mostly to people who are into a vegetarian diet. A simple blood test can tell if your fingers are always cold due to lack of vitamin B12.


Low blood pressure
Hypotension installs because of dehydration, blood loss, certain medicines or endocrine diseases. When you have low blood pressure, the blood vessels are focused in carrying the blood to the vital organs, that’s why the teguments are cold. Dizziness, weakness, nausea are signs of hypotension.

Stress is extremely dangerous for the human body. When you suffer from anxiety, the organism starts fighting and the blood vessels are stiffer, that’s why you might have cold hands and feet.

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