Colin Kaepernick Meets His Fate After Countless Months Of Disrespecting Our National Anthem [Look]

Last year, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines for refusing to stand for the national anthem before his football games—a move he said was to protest “racism” in the country.

Now, after a politically-charged and underperforming season, Kaepernick has been dropped by the football team.

Given his antics, it is unlikely that any other team will be jumping at the chance to pick him.

This week, The Blaze reported that NFL Sports Agent Eugene Lee commented that Kaepernick is a free agent because of his attitude and his distracting behavior.

When he was asked whether or not it was fair for teams to turn him down because of his statements, Lee pointed out that teams are private organizations—they work to protect the interests of their customers.

“…If you look around the league right now, you see some of these free agent quarterbacks that are being signed with deals, there is absolutely no way that it relates solely to his playing ability,” Lee commented.

Lee also has some personal issues with the former football player, arguing that he had no interest in helping the black community at the peak of his career.

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