Perhaps this is one of the best examples of “grace under fire” we’ve witnessed this year, and why Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeau should be acknowledged as a class act, and conversely  why  Democrat Congressman  Hank Johnson, by his antics is simply a “hack  legislator.”

The minor dust-up occurred when Congressman Johnson rudely questioned Sheriff Babeau, about border security and then accusing the sheriff of not   supporting any immigration, “south of the border”

Moreover attempting at first to pose questions that he (Johnson) asked implying something nefarious about the Sheriff’s character and then falsely attempting to attribute “his question” to the sheriff.

However the good sheriff was cool under fire and continually corrected Congressman “Hack” Johnson’s line of questioning until the very end, when Johnson suddenly attempted to cut off Babeau, and demanding either a “yes” or “no” answer, and that’s when Chairman Trey Gowdy intervened, which of course sent “Hack Johnson” into free fall.

Gowdy then instructed the sheriff to complete his answer, stating; “Sheriff you may answer the question.

You cannot ask a question and then not allow the witness to answer!”

The disgruntled Johnson then repeatedly attempted to interrupt and talk over Sheriff Babeau while also attempting to question Gowdy, who simply ignored him and allowed Babeu to explain why his department didn’t need a SWAT vehicle, while protecting our southern border.


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