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Democrat Congresswoman Declares: “My First Amendment Right Is DIFFERENT from Yours.”

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Rep. Val Demings (D.-Fla.) told a man commenting on her gun control advocacy that he was wasting his time – because her right to free speech “is different” from his.

The Daily Wire reported that, when Stephen Mercer reminded Demings on Facebook that she had been censured for carelessness with her firearm back in 2009, she invoked her special right:

Of course, the truly odd thing about this is that this was in a discussion of Second Amendment Rights – not First Amendment rights.

Did she just misspeak?  Or do you wonder if she knows the difference between the First and Second Amendments?

Rep. Demings’ communications director, Caroline Rowland, was contacted for clarification of Demings’ claim. But, Rowland said the Democrat “will have no comment on that.”

It really does not matter whether she misspoke or does not understand the differences between the First and Second Amendment.  Being in Congress does NOT give her special Constitutional rights.  Being in Congress gives her special DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES!


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