Donna Brazile, Who Helped Hillary Cheat In Debate, Is Involved In Seth Rich Case!

Of course the MSM and the Democrats would like nothing better than to have us all believe that Donald Trump won the election because…’The Russians did it’!

That’s their false narrative and they’re stickin’ with it, whether you believe it or not.

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer who was killed. Did the DNC hire a private investigator? Did the DNC put up a billboard asking for more clues and/or offer a reward?

How about a hotline to assist in solving the former DNC’s Seth Rich murder? NOPE! NOPE! and NOPE! Makes you wonder why, right?

Speaking of wondering…why…why did Donna Brazile, former interim chair of the DNC, call DC police to ask why a private investigator like Rod Wheeler was asking questions and digging into the case on Seth Rich? What’s up with THAT?

You’d think she’d be calling the police to see if the police have found any new clues to solving the Seth Rich case.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

In a WND exclusive report, the private investigator handling the murder case of Democrat National Committee staffer Seth Rich revealed that former DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile allegedly called the police and the Rich family demanding to know why a private investigator was “snooping” into the staffer’s death.

Former homicide detective Rod Wheeler said he didn’t want to reveal Brazile’s identity, but added that after what he felt was character assassination by Rich family spokesman Brad Bauman, he didn’t see the need to stay quiet.

Bauman has criticized Wheeler more than once for not ruling out the possibility that Rich may have leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

Wheeler told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Rich was having problems at his job at the DNC before he was killed.

“And the person that called the father after I called the police to get information, that’s the person that Seth was having problems with at the DNC. So connect the dots, here; it’s starting to all come together,” Wheeler said, pointing a finger at Donna Brazile.

If you’ll recall, Brazile, a former CNN contributor, was caught providing Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with questions that she would be asked at a town hall held by CNN with rival Bernie Sanders.

Brazile denied the allegation, and only after leaked DNC emails proved she did indeed provide the questions did she finally admit it.

These kinds of actions embarrass and taint the entire Democrat Party — or they would, if the party were still capable of experiencing shame.

Seth Rich, a 27-year-old DNC staffer, was murdered July 10, 2016, near his affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

He was shot twice in the back with a handgun at 4:18 a.m. while he walked home, and nothing was taken from him, even though the police claim it was a ‘botched robbery’.

Rich was then transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead at 5:57 a.m.

On July 22, just 12 days after Rich’s death and days before the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, WikiLeaks released 20,000 emails from DNC officials. Kim Dotcom has claimed,


In addition, Dotcom admitted last Saturday that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich to get stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks.

According to sources on social media, we know that the DNC’s server went down a few times during the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Sources also say, during the time around December 16, 2015, before a patch was created by NPG Van, that the server was accessible by at least four people – one being John Uretsky and another possibly being Seth Rich.

John Uretsky was the National Data Director for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Rich was the DNC’s Data Director for Voter Expansion.

What was discovered? Clinton was using false polling data and votes and stealing the nomination from Bernie.

Uretsky was fired shortly thereafter. Seth Rich was murdered. The lawyer that was filing the suit against the DNC on behalf of Bernie Sanders, Shawn Lucas was found dead in his bathtub, 3 weeks after Seth Rich’s murder.

By the way, in case you’re interested to know who started the Voter Expansion Project….Bill Clinton.

Who funded the Voter Expansion? Wyss Foundation ($100 Million was given to the Clinton Foundation), George Soros ($5 Million given to DNC with stipulation added to give noncitizens and felons, right to vote), and Paul Allen, Microsoft ($44 Million).

Oh, lookie here! Who also added to their cause?

“Our goal is to reach people where they live, where they eat, where they play and where they pray,” in order to significantly increase the typically low voter turnout rates of midterm elections, said Donna Brazile, the DNC vice chair and a prominent Democratic political strategist.

Of course, we all know the facts and evidence behind the Democrats and voter fraud, we witnessed that through Project Veritas, thanks to James O’Keefe.

Again, it just goes to show you, that whatever the Democrats can get away with they will….as long as they don’t get caught. Then, it gets tricky.

As for ‘getting caught’ on stealing the nomination from Bernie…well, I can only say we had a few witnesses, but they are surprisingly not around for us talk to…like Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas.

At this point, we do not know who was responsible for Seth Rich’s murder, but one thing seems to be certain: If Democrats had anything to do with it, no one would be very surprised.

The only colluding and rigging going on here, people, was the Democratic primary election! Seth Rich WAS a Bernie Supporter! Why else would he have created almost ALL of his social media accounts listed as: @Pandas4Bernie or @Pandas4Progress?

Just curious, but is anyone else asking why would a Democratic political crisis consultant be assisting Seth Rich’s parents, unless of course, they needed a polished PR person to handle a ‘botched robbery’?

We all know many Americans elected Donald Trump for President because they wanted President Trump to #DrainTheSwamp. It’s going to take time to #DrainTheSwamp in D.C….it’s pretty wide and pretty deep.

It’s also going to take time In time to solve Seth Rich’s murder.  Let’s hope we will all know the real answers and facts behind Seth Rich’s murder soon. One thing is for sure, you won’t read about it or hear about it from the MSM.

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