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Egyptian Magic Cleansing Balm

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Now I have to remain on performance with my suggestion of using my face wash that is a smooth cleansing balm. Due to the most excellent performance of my Egyptian magic cleansing balm, Sabine decides to wash her face with this cleansing bar. This cleansing bar is excellent for my performance.

Pure home-grown liquid soap paste is the most important ingredient of this cleansing balm. For all things from liquid shampoo, body washes to this cleansing balm I mix all ingredients well with hand.

Egyptian Magic Cleansing Balm

Make Egyptian magic cleansing balm without changing it into liquid soap with water and mix it with the main ingredient, instead of adding beeswax because it makes your skin sticky.

Egyptian Magic Cleansing Balm

Clay put additional scrubbing and cleansing potential in it and olive oil put it the fine amount of moisture. The mixed soy lecithin holds the olive oil from moving out of the mix-up—when you seek your cleansing balm floating in a lake of olive oil then you must reduce it. Due to its qualities, it also gives moisturizing and softening to the balm. You make all varieties of bee goodies by adding pollen, propolis, and honey in the mixture. Vitamin and mineral are packed in, and propolis has strong germ-free, purification and healing ability. Raw honey acts as a strong antibacterial agent, packed with useful enzymes.

Materials You Need:

  • Olive oil-30g/1.05oz
  • Kaolin clay-1 tbsp
  • Bee pollen-½ tsp

Bee propolis as a tincture, take10 drops (from raw propolis you can also compose this tincture)

  • Raw honey-½ tsp
  • Soy lecithin or sunflower-14g/0.49oz
  • Liquid soap paste-30g/1.05oz

Method Of Preparation:

In a pan take the liquid soap paste, olive oil, clay, pollen, propolis, honey, and lecithin and mixed collectively with electronic blenders to completely and regularly combine.

Empty into a 60mL/2oz can. To apply, rub on moist skin and clean off.

Lecithin acts as an oil-soluble emulsifier and holds olive oil from discharging out of the soap paste, furthermore it joining conditioning attributes. In my opinion, no proper choice should recognize at this time.

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Egyptian Magic Cleansing Balm


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