Homemade Intensive Eye Cream

If you’re not in a position to get enough sleep, your eyes may look tired, puffy, and saggy. Indeed if you ARE dressing enough sleep, our eyes will start to sag with age, but this home-made concentrated eye cream can get all of that without all the harmful ingredients. The dilemma with store-bought eye creams is that they carry SO many unhealthy ingredients, which after a while can truly affect your skin. This home-made intensive eye cream carries only the deepest, most hydrating ingredients to target tired, puffy seeing eyes. Practice it just once and you’ll see a huge difference!

Home-made Concentrated Eye Cream Recipe

  • 2-Spoons shea butter
  • 1-Spoon coconut oi
  • 1-Spoon beeswax
  • 1 ½ Spoons rosehip oil
  • 4-Drops geranium essential oil

Preparation And Application:
In a clean pot, add all components besides for the rosehip and geranium essential oils.
Fill a pot with water and keep it on the stove. Locate the mason jar into the water, just make sure no water gets in.
Now keep medium heat, once melt all the ingredients in the jar, for about just 6 minutes, mix-up every once in a while.
Once all components have melted, lift the pot from the heat, cautious not to burn yourself.
Pour your mix-up into another container and let it cool for about 5 minutes.
Combine in your rosehip and geranium essential oils and mix-up properly.
Shift the resulted mix-up into a glass jar or tin and practice underneath the eyes and on the eyelids every night before sleep.

Interests of Home-Made Intensive Eye Cream:

Shea Butter incites collagen production, limits wrinkles and fine lines, and demotes the appearance of wrinkles after just a few time practices. Shea butter also serves with puffiness and defeats irritation. Coconut Oil is loaded of fatty acids which plump up the skin. It promotes circulation and retains skin supple, firm, and strong.

Rosehip oil and geranium oil are both employed widely in defeating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as limiting them. Practice every night before sleeping for younger seeing eyes!

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Homemade Intensive Eye Cream

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