How and Why to Make Alkaline Water for Fatigue, Cancer or Bad Digestion

An alkaline water is good to keep a healthy body. Sadly, these days a lot of people have acidic bodies due to stress, diet and bad food, and pollution too.

The more acidity you have, the more you have health issues, weight gain, fatigue, bad digestion and more.

Or put this way, if you are acidic for a long time, the healthy cells will be minority and even turn toxic or cancer ones.

Why everybody needs this water?

  • The pH goes from 0 to 14. 0 is most acidity and 7 is neutral, while 14 is over alkaline.
  • We as humans thrive with best optimal 7.4 pH.
  • But, different systems have various pH each. The saliva is 6.5-7.0 and the skin is 5.
  • The digestive organs are 1.5-7.0, depending on your diet.

Why is important to be alkaline?

Dr. Otto Warburg the Nobel prize winner of Physiology and Medicine in 1931 found that acidity makes 95% cancers and cancer does not grow in alkaline areas or above 7.36.

Due to this, many studies of foods and drinks have pH determined and how they impact us. A century ago, Warburg found too much acidity makes osteoporosis, heart issues, diabetes, cancer and chronic issues.

How to see if you have acidic body?

You can see this in 2 ways. With pH paper for saliva test in case of these signs:

  • Long lasting fatigue
  • Short breaths
  • Cramps in muscles and pain after walking shortly
  • Hard time to breathe

If the pH gets lower, the body takes care of itself when it stores too much acidity in the liver, lungs and kidneys to keep the pH between 7.35 and 7.45.

But, these substances can harm the good and healthy cells and make them damaged, toxic and unhealthy. If this is not treated in time, the cells will multiply more and more and metastasize or spread everywhere.

Maybe you have a bad diet regime

In this modern time we eat junk and fast foods, sugars, alcohol and sodas and all these make the problem. Also the food is full of pesticides, hormones, additives and this harms us too.

Make diet changes and this is the perfect way to combat this issue. AND MAKE ALKALINE WATER.

The alkaline water recipe

You need:
  • 1 jar of glass
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tbsp Himalayan salt
  • 2 liters water

Fill the jar with the water and then slice the lemon. Add it with the salt, into the water. Cover the jar and let it sit on room temperature for 2 days maximum. Then, have 3 glasses of this while hungry. And always in the morning, BEFORE breakfast.

This water also can be drank all day long. After some time, you will feel energy, the brain will be more focused and the skin cleansed and beautiful.

If you have this water parallel with some healthy diet meals and drinks, and if you avoid the junk food, sodas, sugars – you will be healthy!


How and Why to Make Alkaline Water for Fatigue, Cancer or Bad Digestion

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