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How to Make More Money with Adsense – Adsense Tips

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If you can make money with Adsense you can always make more money with Adsense.

It was probably really hard trip from 0 to something with your Adsense account, and I know that.

If you run blog, niche website or some other type of website and you have Adsense on it you probably put one Ad in Header, one in the middle of the post and one in sidebar?

90% of people use their place Adsense ads like this, and I don’t say it’s wrong, but I will show you few tips to increase your earning even more.



How much money do I make with Adsense?


I started with Adsense 6 or 7  years ago on my news site, and that was really shitty, because visitors were from Bosnia, average CPC was 0.03 and average CTR was 0.9%.

Now I use Adsense for my English niche sites and it’s great.

I have more than 80 niche sites at this moment and Adsense ads are on 60+ of them.

With so many websites, nice traffic and nice CTR and CPC my income is really great.



Adsense Tips that will Boost your Income


I make money with Adsense for few years now and I tried everything, all combinations and all ad units, colors, sizes, positions…

So if you apply these tips on your site you could make more money with your Adsense account.

I will try to explain these tips for newbies so everyone can apply them on their site.



1. Floating Adsense Ads


There are lot of questions on IM forums about Floating Adsense ads and I work with them long enough that I can tell you the truth.

Adsense does allow floating Adsense Ads in sidebar but only if you don’t get catchy clicks on their ads.

What are those catchy clicks?

So if you put for example widget title: “Click here to support me” and your ad under that.

Or if you put widget title “Similar posts”, or “Also check this topic”, and you put your ad unit under that.

You catch your clicks and people don’t even know that they will go to another site and even if they like what they found, that’s against Adsense rules.

So if you want to use Floating Ads the best way to put it in sidebar is to place it with only basic things like your contact and Social info.


But how to make floating Adsense unit in sidebar?


You will use one amazing plugin, Q2W3 Fixed Widget, that will help you to stick your widget and widget will float as you scroll down the post content.

You can download plugin on this link: Plugin link

This plugin is 100% Free and it’s really helpful.

Setup is easy, just activate it, and go to widgets and check Fixed widget option on your widget (screenshot).



fixed widget


So basically you can use this Floating option for all widgets and you can make them float from the top of you post to the page footer.

You can get way more clicks on your ads with this option and lot of people use it on their blogs and niche sites.

You can also make only one floating widget, you don’t have to stick all of them, so some of them will stay where they was in the first place if you don’t check this option, and widget that you check will float in your sidebar.



2. Put one Ad Unit in the Middle of your post


Adsense ads will show ads based on the site keywords, and if you put your ad in the sidebar it will probably need some time to grab keywords from your site, it’s also the case with all Header ads.

Believe me, your visitor will get relevant ads only after 2nd or 3rd pagevisit and that’s wrong.

How to show relevant Ads all the time?

Put one Adsense unit wrapped in the middle of your post so Adsense will easily grab your keywords from article and it will show 100% relevant ads every time.


How to put Adsense ad wrapped in my article?


There is one great plugin that I use for this option, it’s Easy Adsense plugin for WordPress.

You can find Easy Adsense plugin on this link.

It’s easy to setup your Adsense ad, Activate plugin, go to Settings and activate ‘Ad in the Middle’ and check Wrapped in text option.

Plugin will automatically add your Adsense code in the middle of your articles.

Wrapped ads will make you 25% better results than your Header and Footer ads.



3. Always use both Display and Text Ads


One thing that I learned after few years with Adsense ads is this one, never use only Display Ads on your site.

Display Ads will not show relevant ads to your visitors every time, and if you change your Ad type to both Text and Display you will see more and more income.

I used display ads in my sidebar on 10 niche sites and then I changed it to Text and Display Ads.

In 3 days I got more than 30% increase in my income reports on Adsense.

So this is a lifesaver, believe me, and I will give you one more really important tip for your text Ads.


Always Match your Text Ad color with your website color


This is one of the most important thing that you need to do with your Ad units.

People are more likely to click on your Ad if you make Ad design that will look like the part of your website.

You can choose unlimited colors in Ad editor, also choose some nice font, choose the one that’s similar with your website font.

With nice Ad design and good Ad placement visitor will not be attacked with your ad, they will find your Ads helpful and Adsense will love you.

They will believe that your Ad will lead them to something useful and if you apply all these things on your site you will get more than 60% increase in your income reports.

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