Illegal Immigrant Who Draws Thousands A Year In Benefits, Wants Others To Know How It’s Done.

Imagine if you will a day where you could just stop going into work.

A day where you could walk into a supermarket and walk out with groceries, without having to ever do anything much in exchange for it.

Same goes for your rent and doctor bills. Well, that is the reality of some people living in America, notice I didn’t say Americans, because some of these people aren’t Americans at all.

Take the case of Martina Nelson, an illegal resident, who swam across the Rio Grande over 20 years ago and has been living here ever since.

Martina receives nearly $1,000USD a month in government aid, in the form of housing subsidies, Medicaid and food stamps.

She’s also the mother of 7, yet doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong with decades of living off the system, as evident by the video.

Now she want’s to let others know just what to do when you arrive here illegally: let the American taxpayer worry about it! With the ever-growing Federal Aid Recruiter business in full swing, she won’t have any problems.

It’s true our country has safety nets in place for actual Americans who truly need assistance through a rough period in life, but systemic abuse and lifelong, even multi-generational, abuse of the nation’s welfare system must cease.

Not only for financial reasons, but because of the dependency culture it breeds amongst the population, be they birth citizen or illegal.

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