Make Money with Youtube, Amazon and Adsense in 2017

Hey guys, in the past few weeks I wrote some great money making methods for you, and today, I will show you one more legit making money method.

I work with Amazon affiliate program for 6 years now, and I use Youtube for selling affiliate stuff since 2013.

Today, I will show you one of the best and one of the most common making money methods on Youtube.

I will help you understand this whole uploading – promoting – making money process and I will write it step by step so everyone can understand it.


Create Youtube, Adsense and Amazon Account


Youtube is huge, and everyone can create account with Youtube, you can connect your G+ account with Youtube, or you can click here and create new Youtube account for your business.

Youtube is easy to use and easy to understand even for total newbies.

Once you register your Youtube account you have to signup for Adsense,click here to signup.

Adsense is advertising platform from Google and you can connect it with your Youtube channel so you can automatically show Adsnese ads in your videos, and make money with it.


How to get paid from Adsense?


Adsense is great and easy to use, it’s 100% legit they will send you your earnings on 21st (every month).

Best payment method you can use to get your money from Adsense is Payoneer card.

No payment delay, No payroll or payout fees, so you receive the amount you earn.

Payoneer is a free card and you can apply for it right now, and you can use it worldwide, if you apply for this card through my link you will get free 25$ on your card.

Click here to get your Payoneer card and 25$ on it.

When they send your monthly earnings you can use your Payoneer card to withdraw your money from every ATM in the world.

You can use this card to pay for your gas, groceries and everything else, it’s great.

You can’t use Payoneer if you are from US, if you are from US use check payment for your Adsense earnings.


How to create Amazon Affiliate account?


Amazon affiliate program is the best affiliate program online and I use it for few years now.

I use Amazon affiliate program to sell products from my sites, I use it on 130 niche sites, and I make pretty nice income from it.

I even wrote method on how to make money with Amazon affiliate in 2016.

Amazon will pay you 5-10% commission for your sales, and they are great in selling stuff to people, so you just have to send people to Amazon, they will get your cookie on their browser, and if they buy any product from Amazon, you get commission from their purchase.

You can click here and create your Amazon affiliate account, it’s free.


How to get paid from Amazon?


I use Payoneer card to collect my payments from Amazon affiliate program.

You have to make more than $10 so they can send your payment on your card.

Amazon will send you your money on 28th every month, if you make more than $10 of course.

Payoneer is a free card and you can apply for it right now.

Click here to get your Payoneer card and 25$ on it.

Payoneer is free and you don’t have to pay for this card, and if you apply for your card now you will get free 25$ on it.

When they send your monthly earnings you use your Payoneer card to withdraw your money from every ATM in the world.



How to Upload Videos and Make Money




Online shops like Ebay and Amazon are making billions of dollars every month, and you can get piece of that cake.

Millions of people are buying goods from Amazon every single day, and if you become Amazon affiliate you can make money from them.

When someone is looking to buy some shoes, mobile phone, watch, car part to buy, they go to Google and they type for example ” Nike Kaishi Shoes Review “, so they can watch Youtube review of their future shoes, or watch, or book, or any other product.

If you can review some product on Youtube, you can sell that product with your affiliate link and make money.

For example, you buy some Armani wristwatch, you record your watch unboxing and review (you give your personal opinion on that item) and you upload it on Youtube.

If someone is looking to buy  that watch they will find your review on Youtube.


But How to Make them Buy Some item through My Affiliate Link?


When you record your video, upload it, and put your Amazon affiliate product link in video description.

Write something like: ” If you like this product buy it on Amazon: “.

If someone is interested they will click on your link and they’ll buy it, and you will get your commission.





If they click on your link and buy some other shoes, or some other product, you will get affiliate commission for that item, so you get commission for any item they buy from Amazon.

I have 3-4 different Youtube accounts for different niches, and I review all stuff I buy.

For example I bought these Nike Court White shoes and I uploaded unboxing video for these shoes 3 weeks ago.



I paid these shoes $70, and 800 people already saw my video, I got 4 sales on Amazon and I made $10 per sale, so I already made $40 from this video.

I also monetized this video with Adsense and I made $3.2 from Adsense ads.

Remember, this video is only 3 weeks old, and I already made some nice money with it, this video will be online forever, and I will make $200-300 from this video, every single year.

Imagine having 50-100 products online, you can easily make $20-50k per year.

You can basically buy any product, review it and record unboxing, and you can pay that item with your earnings in few weeks.

If you want to get more sales and views on your Youtube videos you can use this program, click here to read it.

You can also contact me with your questions about this method, I will answer you within 5-10 hours.

If you want to read more money making methods from my blog click here.

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