Man who won lottery jackpot claims Ouija board gave him lucky numbers

Des Moines, IA | When the Iowa state lottery winner was asked how he chose the lucky numbers for the winning jackpot this week, he admitted his deceased wife gave him.

Harry Olsen, a 93-year-old retired car salesman, frankly admitted he used a Ouija board to communicate with his deceased wife, but also other deceased family and friends.

“It’s kind of like a telephone line, but with the after world,” he told surprised reporters.

“At my age, there aren’t many relatives left around, so it’s the only way I get to socialize, really” he admits.

“Using a Ouija board to talk to the dead isn’t always reliable,” he adds. “But it makes for pretty interesting conversations!”

helda olsen

Helda Olsen, Harry’s Olsen wife for 62 years who passed away three years ago, presumably gave him the lottery jackpot lucky numbers through a Ouija board

A pagan ritual

Although Harry Olsen is now envied by many after winning the state lottery jackpot, he admits it hasn’t always been this way.

“People in the Christian community around here weren’t really pleased with me playing with a Ouija board and talking with the dead, especially my pastor,” he admits.

“Some accused me of witchcraft and my pastor even told me it was the devil that was talking through the Ouija board, but I never took that advice too seriously,” he told reporters.

“Young people nowadays are all on their computers and mobile phones, writing emails or whatsoever. I don’t have those gadgets, I use a Ouija board, I don’t see the difference,” he said honestly.

Asked if he will use the Ouija board to play the lottery again, Mr. Olsen responded that it was the first time he had asked for lottery numbers and plans to do it every week from now on.

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