Meet The Hero Who Fought Off 3 Armed Terrorists With His Bare Fists

The world is still reeling from the horrendous attack in London that left 7 people dead and many more injured.

3 jihadis, some who were on the radar of authorities, unleashed havoc by running over people with a van on London Bridge then stabbing their way through a market.

It was yet another reminder that if we aren’t serious about radical Islam we are going to have big problems.

You can’t call it a silver lining but situations like this always end up illuminating incredible acts of heroism.

Meet the ‘Lion of London Bridge’. A true hero.

From The Daily Wire:

Meet Roy Larner, the fearless, hilarious 47-year-old who responded to the London Bridge jihadists bursting into the Black & Blue pub by taunting and then fighting all three of the 12-inch blade-carrying murderers with his bare fists. He lost the fight, but it was the terrorists who ended up losing their lives moments later. Despite being stabbed eight times by the cowardly radical Islamists, Larner survived — as did his self-deprecating sense of humor and love of the Lions football club.


roy larner

So, the argument now is whether or not this guy is the coolest guy ever OR the coolest guy ever?

They don’t make guys like that anymore it seems.

It’s refreshing to know there are still people out there like this.

Salt of the earth.

Bravo sir. Bravo.

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