Michelle Obama Insults Melania Trump – IT BACKFIRES IMMEDIATELY!

Just a few months ago, Michelle Obama was spreading her mantra “when they go low, we go high.”

However, Michelle just showed how low class she really is as she was caught on a secret trip overseas to undermine Melania Trump.

Mad World News reported that it was just revealed that Michelle and her husband will be in Italy at the same time as the Trumps this week.

The Obamas kept their trip a secret until Michelle arrived in a small Italian town, where her minions were shown greeting her by saying, “we love you, Michelle!”

“On Friday, the former president and first lady touched down at Grosseto Air Base in Tuscany, their private jet accompanied by six Eurofighter Fourth Wing jets. The Obamas, who have been on multiple vacations since leaving the White House in January, will reportedly visit Florence and Siena during their vacation. They are expected to fly out on May 25,” reported Daily Mail.

Michelle’s plans to humiliate Melania backfired when paparazzi caught her walking down an Italian street wearing a shabby outfit.

Things got even worse for Michelle when they then caught her munching on ice cream, ruining the health-conscious image she has worked hard to maintain for herself.


While Michelle was spotted looking like a hot mess, Melania was being praised for her fashion sense.

“First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices got rave reviews in local Saudi Arabian press Sunday, despite forgoing the customary headscarf,” reported CNN.


The Trumps are set to arrive in Italy on May 24, and the Obamas will be there for the next six days.

Clearly, the Obamas are hoping to undermine the Trumps and steal as much attention from them as possible.

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