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Military Method For Falling Asleep In 2 Minutes


Many people suffer from sleep disorders – some of the terrible paralysis of sleep, some of the sleepwalking, some of insomnia.

How many times have you happened to lie in bed and you cannot fall asleep?

Of course, it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep if the environment is not suitable for a dream. Mabey you live in a busy part of the city, your roommate is snoring, your neighbors are more sexually active than you are, you are thinking about the wrong things 15 years ago at that time.

If you want to expressly solve this problem, we will bring a trick that really works and you only need 2 minutes.

For this method used by US soldiers it is said that after six weeks of exercises 96 percent of success and those soldiers are able to fall asleep in less than two minutes.

Imagine being a soldier and having to fall asleep in some extreme conditions. The method is from the book Relax and Win: Championship Performance and this wonder was printed in 1981, but in the last few days, it has become again relevant thanks to the Internet.

The technique is designed to address the problem of tired pilots who due to sleepiness make mistakes in the field. This method involves knowingly relaxing muscles, using breathing techniques and visualizing.

Fall asleep in two minutes – sounds great. Of course, it takes a little bit of work, but in six weeks, the efficiency of the method is as high as 96 percent.

How to sleep in less than 2 minutes?

First you need to relax the facial muscles, including the tongue, jaw muscles and eye muscles.

Then it is necessary to lower the shoulders as low as possible and relax one hand and the other.

The third step involves breathing. First exhale and relax your chest and then relax your legs. Begin with thighs and you need to relax your muscle by your muscles down your feet.

When the body relaxes, after about ten seconds, it is necessary to start working on the mind, and completely clean it from everything.

Three methods of visualization that can help relax:

First imagine lying in a canoe in a quiet lake, nothing but the blue sky above you.

Another option is to imagine that you are squeezed into a black velvet hanging net in a completely darkened room.

In the end, you can say: “Do not think, do not think, do not think “or some other similar mantra that will take over brain processes.

After six weeks of exercise – in 120 seconds, you will sleep, but you need to be persistent. For the first time, it will be weird, but you will find the path to peace for a couple of times.

You need sleep. According to a recent study, between six and nine o’clock sleep can help to neutralize heart disease during the night. While other studies have shown quite catastrophic effects that sleep deprivation can have on the body. Although we do not fully understand it, the dream is very useful.

So, if you ever need a little nap, or you cannot sleep, try this old US military technique. If it was effective for World War II pilots, then it could also work for you.

In addition, yes – get off all possible screens at least an hour before bedtime. Maybe that is the problem.

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