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We currently live in a society where it’s okay for anyone to go up and punch a senior citizen in the face. Already this year we have witnessed people spitting in cops food, people standing around while a man beats a woman to a pulp on the street and people being pulled out of cars and beaten because they are white. Basically, right now in major cities— ANYTHING GOES.

Your age, gender or general humanity will no longer give you protection in the United States. Black Lives Matter means that black people can do whatever the hell they want because, well simply because they are black.

You can call them ‘thugs’ all you want… it does not stop the barbaric animal behavior from within. This short video shows a young black female in a confrontation with an older lady on a bus. They talk back and forth and then the young black girl starts hitting on the lady. Her last punch to grandma’s face knocked her out cold as she fell to the ground.

The most telling part of the entire video is that while the old woman was getting beat up not ONE person on the bus tried to intervene. Instead they reveled in the fact that ‘this might become a viral video’. Additionally, there were some of the comments from the other passengers that left me dumbfounded:

One person called the old lady “dramatic,” another one said “she deserved it,” and a person even commented that the “sound she made at the end was the best part,” right after the lady hit the floor.

So after you watch the video please comment in the section below what YOU think. Do you think the old lady was being dramatic? What would this old lady have to do or say to get YOU to punch her out cold? Is there enough decorum left in America to bite our tongues when a person insults us?

A video of the attack can be seen below:

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