Owner Desperately Tries To Save Her Tiny Pet From Pit Bull Who Viciously Attacks Them

This is the distressing moment how a loving owner desperately tries to save her tiny Beagle from the savage jaw of a Pit Bull who suddenly attacks them.

A Pit Bull viciously attacks a little pooch and its owner in broad daylight on the streets of the U.S.

The owner of the Pit Bull tries to restrain his dog but it is too powerful and already locks its jaws on the puppy. The crowd later on responded to help the Beagle along with its owner who desperately tries to protect her poor pet.

They drag the Pit Bull away while some of them kicks and wrestles the dog in a desperate attempt to free the pup.

After a minute of intense brawl with the Pit Bull, the tiny dog was finally pulled to safety.



The owner of the Beagle cries in terror and was in a state of shock. Good thing concerned onlookers comforted her. The petrified puppy was left with a few bites while the owner got a bloody nose.

It’s been a long debate whether Pit Bulls are dangerous or not…

Pit Bulls are originally created as fighting dogs by breeding Bulldogs and Terriers together and this incident just proves their true strength.

However, they are still dogs not to be hated, nor feared. Let’s just be cautious when raising one and be a responsible owner because things can turn nasty anytime. Always remember, your dog’s behavior depends on how you raise them.

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