Paternity test proves Mormon man is not the father of his 26 children

Jericho, UT | Joseph McCallister, a Mormon fundamentalist and father to no fewer than 26 children, has filed for divorce after realizing none of his children were his own.

Mr. McCallister who shares his life with his four wives has demanded four simultaneous divorces after a paternity test proved that he was not the biological father to his children.

The man had become suspicious after a medical exam revealed that he was born with a testicular anomaly under which his doctor had deemed it impossible for him to be fertile.

Mr. McCallister had then proceeded to hire a private investigator who eventually uncovered the DNA samples proved that his twin brother was, in fact, the biological father to his children.

Brian McCallister, Mr. McCallister’s twin brother, admitted under testimony to having fathered his brother’s 26 children, but only because his wives asked him to.

A gay twin brother

Brian McCallister, the twin brother of Joseph McCallister, was asked to give his testimony before the court after the private investigator hired by Joseph McCallister had discovered that his twin brother was, in fact, the biological father of his 26 children.

“Mary, Joseph’s first wife, desperately wanted to have children but she hadn’t given birth two years after their marriage,” he explained when questioned by the judge.

“She was desperate and asked me if I could help her out, and if at first, I refused vehemently, in time I eventually changed my mind,” he said in court.

“The first times she just asked me to cum in her face or in a jug, but after that didn’t seem to work, she asked for full-on penetration” he admitted.

“It wasn’t really like cheating since I’m a homosexual and had no desire for her. At first, it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but she came coming back every year,” he added.

Bullied into “doing it”

Joseph McCallister’s three other wives eventually figured out what was happening, after not bearing any children of their own, and demanded that Brian McCallister fertilize them as well.

“They bullied me into doing this. Once they even got me drunk on my brother’s birthday and I eventually woke up, completely naked, in the back of the barn,” he conceded in tears.

“They tried to sexually assault me on several times, sometimes even offering me cocaine and marijuana. They would even show me gay porn to entice me into getting horny,” he added in despair.

“They eventually got me hooked on crack-cocaine and crystal meth. I feel used, I feel like a dirty whore” he told the judge in agony.

Although polygamy is illegal in the United States, judges have been lenient in the face of such accusations when marriages are consensual and do not involve underage minors, particularly in Utah, where the origins of Mormonism have played an influential historical role.

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