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Pineapple Juice and Cucumber to Clean the Colon and Lose Weight in 7 Days

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How Pineapple Juice and Cucumber to Clean the Colon

At present, it really matters that people have begun to depend on medication at every time for a small health issue. Therefore our bodies suffer from disorders, diseases, viral infections and all kinds of health breakdowns.

The unnecessary use of fast and processed foods is another form that decays our immune-system by storing many toxins and dangerous chemicals in our body.

Lose Weight in 7 Days

Though accept it or not, if you retain normal health conditions(more efficiency of the immune system the simple job you have to do is to purify your colon and intestines from the toxic heaps, chemicals and rubbish that collected during the years.  In blocking serious illnesses and circumstances this job performs a significant role.

Clean the Colon

For detoxification of body and development of organ plenty of practitioners and specialists from all over the earth advise their patients to seek colon cleansing methods.

It is not only recovering your health situations but also kills pounds of chemicals, exciting weight loss, and burn fat. By short walking, it burns your fat more with the assist of provoking your sweat.

You seem lighter immediate after refining of your colon.  And also more strengthened, more dependable at assimilating nutrients and opposing to desires.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Apple 1
  • Orange juice
  • Pineapple 1 slice
  • Cucumber 1/2
  • Aloe vera leaf 1/2


After washing fruit completely you require to perform is slice up the pineapple, dice the cucumber and apple. Subsequent, cut the Aloe Vera leaf into two parts and press out the gel from one of them.

Take all of the items in a blender to add one glass of water in orange juice and mix everything well.

After mixing well it is prepared for use. Apply the resulted mixture efficient colon-cleansing juice two times a day, one prior to breakfast, and the other is prior going to bed.

Throughout the entire day, you take 8 glasses of water for the best results.

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Pineapple Juice and Cucumber to Clean the Colon

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