Scotland: Local fishermen catch monster fish in Loch Ness lake

Angus McFlaherty’s son and Afghan military veteran, Markus McFlaherty, shot no fewer than 42 rounds of his modified 12-gauge short-barrel shotgun to finish off the massive sturgeon estimated to be between 220 and 260 years old, believe experts

Some of the locals even believe the giant sturgeon, which measures a whopping 16 feet (5.7 meters) and is estimated to weigh approximately 1.3 tons might be the Loch Ness monster.

“I’ve seen Nessie a few times when I was still a bartender,” says Edward Bollocks, 87, a long-time resident of the area.

“The town folks would come, get drunk and go for a swim at night behind the pub and never come back. People said they got drunk and drowned, but I’ve always known it was Nessie” he recalls, visibly emotional.

“Once I was sitting on the dock and it grabbed my foot in plain daylight, threw me into the water and took a bite out of my shoe. I never went swimming again after that day,” he recounts, showing his missing toes to reporters.

A wave of disappearances

In 1913, a massive 1.8-ton sturgeon was also caught in Loch Ness lake after alarmed locals experienced a series of odd disappearances which had occurred in the area in the past months.

sturgeon 1913

Many rumors started spreading of a strange man-eating lake creature, engulfing the local population into a mass hysteria which forced authorities to react. Thus ensued a massive hunt for the Loch Ness monster with the heavy use of dynamite at the time.

Finally, 6 days later, on August 15, 1913, the carcass of a giant 1.8-ton sturgeon was found on the shore near Urquhart Castle and made national headlines at the time.

An autopsy of the giant fish revealed human bones of three different male adults and one child who were never positively identified.

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