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SHOCKING: Fox News Sends HUGE Offer To Bill O’Reilly To Stop His News-HERE IS HIS EPIC RESPONSE!

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Fox News has been struggling ever since they made the decision to fire Bill O’Reilly. They are completely clueless of what they are even doing right now and if they do not think of a solution soon, this could might as well mark the end of Fox News.

The network has been loosing viewers rapidly since the time Bill O’Reilly was fired. Just two weeks after, co-president Bill Shine has quit his job at the network. Sean Hannity might be the following to go as he often supported Shine throughout his time there.

Now it seems like Fox News has taken one more step in a stunning direction. They have allegedly offered Bill O’Reilly $20 million for a non-compete clause whose puprose is to keep O’Reilly from working for any other networ. This is a step that generally comes before the concerned person is fired, not weeks later. However it seems like O’Reilly could choose not to accept the deal as he is most likely not interested in this.

Fox News has damage the trust they had with Bill immensely. For that reason, it would be a surprise if Bill O’Reilly were to accept this money. He is in a better situation right now with the commence of his podcast on his website. There have also been rumors that a new conservative network is negotiations with Bill O’Reilly, Tomi Lahren and Sean Hannity. This network would be a massive thorn in Fox New’s eye.

Fox News has to act quickly and patch up the leakage of viewers and income they are looking at. It is improbable that people will keep on watching after all of these things have happened.

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