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Teen motorcyclist almost beheaded as iPhone headphones cord sliced through his neck when he crashed into a fence

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Bradley Willoughby, 16, was wearing the earphones inside his helmet – causing horrific injuries as the cable snagged on a fence and cut deep into his throat.
He was riding at his family’s Ravenshoe farm in far north Queensland when he landed a jump awkwardly and damaged the bike’s throttle.
The landing jammed the throttle and flung Bradley directly into a barbed wire fence – badly breaking and dislocating his ankle and slashing open his stomach.
But the worst damage was done to his neck, with deep lacerations etched just centimetres from his trachea after his earphones latched onto the fence.
Bradley’s father had to rip the earphones out from the cut inside his throat.
Mrs Willoughby said at first she thought that her son was dying.
Together with her husband she tried to keep Bradley calm as they waited for a Rescue 510 chopper to arrive and fly them to Cairns Hospital.
Bradley stayed awake throughout the entire ordeal and required stitches for the cuts to his neck.






He had stitches to the six-inch gash across his throat and surgery to fix his broken and dislocated ankle.

His mum added: “When my husband first saw him he thought it was a lot worse. He actually thought his foot was severed because of the angle it was on.

“Initially we thought he could die.

“We just held him and kept talking to him and calming him down.

“It just felt like what we had to do. It was after he was gone in the chopper it hit us how bad he could have been.”

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