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Some Of The Greatest ’80s Fashion Trends


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1. Jordache

Before Jordache came along, the only jeansmakers were brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, and Lee. Jordache paved the way for later designer jeans brands like Calvin Klein, and pioneered racy ads to differentiate its products from its work wear-themed competitors. The resulting demand successfully made Jordache jeans a covetable fashion item. Another thing that made Jordache great? Designers like Tommy Hilfiger cut their teeth working for the brand.

2. Spandex

Spandex was everywhere in the ’80s. From casual pants to rockers who had a thing for animal printed women’s leggings, it couldn’t be escaped. Those workout videos that you used to stare at lustily? Yeah, full of women in spandex.

3.Sweaters Tied Around The Neck

In the movies, it was a sure sign that the character was a preppy douchebag villain. In real life, it was a sure sign that this person made more money than you, and it probably belonged to their parents. They also most likely used “summer” as a verb.

4. Miniskirts

Shortly after the miniskirt came into fashion prominence, dads everywhere began collectively asking their daughters incredulously: “YOU’RE GOING OUT LIKE THAT?!”

5.Big Hair

Remember all those hair bands from the ’80s? Bon Jovi? Poison? Huge hairdos were so popular that they classified a musical genre. How crazy is that? Men weren’t the only ones who did it, women regularly got huge perms and teased the hell out of their hair too. The name of the game was turning up the volume.

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