The Great State Of Arkansas Cuts Welfare For Muslim Migrants, LIBERALS MELTDOWN & Chaos Ensues

This week, the Arkansas House of Representatives passed a bill that would require “American laws for American courts,” essentially making it illegal for any religious law to be applied in the court.

Of course, liberals are outraged at the measure.

HB-1041 directs judges in the state’s courtrooms to use only American-based laws when they make decisions. The measure passed in the House on Monday by a landslide.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Brandt Smith of Jonesboro.

It does not mention Sharia law by name, though it would forbid law that “in whole or in part” relies on foreign law that “does not grant the parties…fundamental rights, liberties, and privileges granted under the Arkansas Constitution or the U.S. Constitution.”

Those rights include due process, equal protection, freedom of religion, speech and press, the right to privacy, and the right to bear arms.

As usual, Democrats are attempting to claim that the bill is anti-Muslim, but Smith defended the measure with a clear of example of its necessity in the system.

In a specific custody case, a man from the Middle East based his claims on Sharia law and then proceeded to flee the country.

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