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There’s Something About This Photo Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

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There’s a reason that Barack Hussein Obama has no problem routinely putting on the garb of a devout Muslim.

It’s something that most Muslims and anyone who lives in the Middle East are intimately familiar with.

But Obama has successfully duped Western liberals into believing he’s a “Christian.”

Well, one need only listen to the “Christian” pastor under whom Obama sat for decades, the vile Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to know that no TRUE Christian could possibly come from that church.

But it goes deeper.

Barack Obama was born as a Muslim. And he was raised as a Muslim.

What most folks don’t understand is that in the Muslim world, that means you ARE A MUSLIM, forever, period. Either that, or you’re dead.

That’s why throughout his presidency, despite Obama’s claims to be a Christian, he was still constantly referred to as a Muslim in the Middle East.