Trump Makes North Korea Release American Prisoner After Obama Failed To Do It

The United States hard stand against dictators and oppressors is a long standing tradition.

A tradition that had a pin put in it while the Obama administration’s lily-livered stance on everything even vaguely resembling foreign policy spread like a virus.

His noodle-spine reputation gave those overseas the opportunity to take advantage of America and not treat American citizens with the respect that we’ve been afforded in the past.

President Trump has made great strides to fix that problem though. His hard-lined stance with world leaders may not be well loved, but it must be respected.

The President has done more to fix our reputation in his first few months in office than many presidents have done in their entire term.

One of the incredible things that he’s done is to secure the release of several United States citizens that have been being incarcerated over seas.

One of the most frustrating dictatorships of our age is that of Kim Jong Un of North Korea. He’s seen as a completely unrelenting and unstable petulant toddler with no intention of meeting anyone’s needs but his own.

Through some stroke of diplomacy (or force, we don’t quite know yet) President Trump has secured the release of an American citizen being held in North Korea.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson did his best to keep the Americans’ eyes on the issue, even though most had all but forgotten about the American student that made a stupid mistake. Carlson also predicted that President Trump might try to secure his release: