The Obama administration has virtually ambushed Israel, using the United Nations as a tool. Egypt sponsored a resolution before the United Nations Security Council, condemning Israel over settlements in areas claimed by the Palestinians. This is not surprising, given that the Muslim world hates Israel. They are not looking for terms, they want the end of Israel.

Every time a Muslim nation sponsors an assault on Israel, we block it in the UN with a veto. That is part of our job as a permanent member of the security council. In fact, until Obama refused to veto the resolution Egypt sponsored, we have never left Israel to stand alone against their enemies.


Netanyahu reportedly called Trump for help from this ambush. Trump called the Egyptian president and ultimately, Egypt pulled their resolution. Another Muslim country upheld it.


It’s clear Trump made a deal—promising to fix the problem in time—and Egypt complied. This was necessary, given that all Obama had to do was veto the resolution. Of course, he chose to let the resolution pass instead.


Trump quickly responded to Obama’s actions, tweeting, “As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th.”


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