VILE: Unhinged Liberals Celebrate Shooting of GOP Congressman on Twitter


Despicable liberals applauded a mass-shooting on social media Wednesday morning, minutes after a gunman opened fire in Northern Virginia injuring at least one congressman and several bystanders.

The attack occurred during a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, roughly ten miles outside Washington, D.C.

House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise was shot at least once, as were several aides.

Within moments of the shooting, unhinged liberal activists -champions of tolerance and gun control- celebrated the vicious attack on twitter, labeling Rep. Scalise as a member of the KKK and using the opportunity to attack the GOP’s healthcare plan.

Other users described the shooting as an act of “karma” because of Rep. Scalise’s support for the National Rifle Association, saying, “The GOP deserves everything it has coming their way.”

Another individual described the event as “karma for the gun loving right.”

Read a sample of the disgusting posts:



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