Wait Until You Hear What The Liberals On The VIEW Said About Kathy Griffin! Tell Us If You Agree With Them!

The ladies of The View were in agreement Wednesday that Kathy Griffin’s photo of herself with a prop made up to look like Donald Trump’s severed head was a mistake, but they did not all agree on how severe that mistake was.

Some, like Jedediah Bila, expressed revulsion over the concept. Others, like Whoopi Goldberg, regarded the photo as simply one more case of an entertainer crossing a line of public taste.

“I thought it was bad, I thought it was awful. Like him or not — and you can debate his policy — he’s the president,” Bila said.

“When I saw that, all I thought of is his kid, I thought of that child seeing that image. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. It bothered me. You can’t do this stuff with a sitting president.”

Sara Haines also said the idea was simply not appropriate.

The severed head was “an image that doesn’t make anyone sit comfortably … that image specifically, gives people visceral reactions.”