WARNING! Disturbing Video! When Threatened Driver Steps On The Gas

Every time Columbus Day comes around, liberals start demanding that the government change the name of the holiday to Indigenous People’s Day. During last year’s Columbus Day festivities, extremists on the left decided to block traffic in Nevada on a busy street in protest.

It Didn’t Take Long For Their Illegal Protest To Backfire.

Though liberals have condemned the driver, viewers have been overwhelmingly in the driver’s favor.

“I stopped feeling bad as soon as I heard ‘I’ll rip you out of that truck, you little f***,’” one user wrote. “At that point, threats are made against the driver and he did what he had to do to get out of a potentially harmful situation. Don’t protest in the middle of the street, and then threaten people in vehicles wanting to get through. No sympathy for any of these dumb people in the road.”

“They trapped and threatened to assault the driver, and when he protected himself they cried victim and ran to the very system they were complaining about for help.”

“Needs to be renamed – Protesters illegally blocking street threaten driver’s life. Driver escapes.”



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