WATCH: Hero Steps In To Save Two Female Cops In Life & Death Struggle After Suspect Got Hands On Cops Gun


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Surveillance video captured an attack on two female Tampa police officers that quickly spiraled out of control.

The suspect, Charles Kee, allegedly headbutted a security officer who had instructed him to leave a transit center as he was under a year long no trespassing order there.

Suspect Charles Kee

Two female cops responded to the disturbance where the surveillance video shows Kee punching one of the officers in the face and making repeated attempts to get control of the officers gun.

You could see through the window his hand on the gun,” said Carl Baer, a cab driver who witnessed it.

“The clip ended up coming out of the gun laying on the ground, so he had his hand on it enough to release the clip” reported WFTS.

This is where Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) transit supervisor Tim Martin bravely stepped in.

“The first thing that really turned things in our favor was when he came in and put a bear hug on the guy and we really applaud him for doing that,” said Steve Hegarty with Tampa PD.

Tim Martin

This is where the story of the heroic actions of Martin takes a very strange twist. Despite saving a cop from what could have been a deadly situation Martin was sent a letter from his employer saying that he was under investigation and might face disciplinary action.

HART spokesman Sandra Morrison said the reason for the letter was ‘there was a stretch of time we did not hear from our transit supervisor so I mean we don’t know if his life could’ve been in danger something could’ve happened, so we needed to know what had happened around that stretch of time.’

Martin’s union representative, John Sholtes, wasn’t buying HART’s reasoning one bit.

‘What I understand is it was a heroic act and what I don’t understand is what there is to be disciplined for, it just doesn’t seem to make sense to us,’ Sholtes told WFTS.

HART has since backed off and will not discipline Martin for simply being a hero. How nice of them.

The Tampa police department is planning to give Martin an award for his actions.

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