What?! Democrats Are Suing Trump? For Being Successful?

With the Russia narrative beginning its inevitable collapse, Democrats are scrambling to think of another way they can take down President Trump.

They’ve been keeping a few of their manufactured controversies on stand by, just in case the Comey testimony didn’t go their way–and it didn’t.

Now it looks like they’re going to attack the president’s business acumen, and hold his success against him.

As reported at Joe My God, dozens of House and Senate Democrats are preparing to sue the president for his incredible business success as a private citizen.

They are claiming that since Trump has refused to completely relinquish ownership of his real-estate businesses, he’s breaking the law.

Because these businesses are still making a profit making deals with foreign entities.

We’ll be suing to stop his violations of the emoluments clause,” senior House Judiciary member Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) confirmed in an interview.

The lawsuit won’t be initiated until next week at the earliest the plan has elicited broad support from leftists in Congress.

Democrats are claiming that Trump’s refusal to sell off his companies or place them in a blind trust, that he’s violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

This clause prohibits presidents from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments.

The Trump Organization already promised that any profits earned from dealings with foreign governments would be donated to charity, but that’s apparently not good enough for the Left.

Republicans also already pointed out the obvious fact that it would be “impractical” for Trump’s businesses to be forced to single out every foreign guest that stays at one of his hotels or does business with him.

There is almost no litigation on this since the Constitution was established…because no one has ever violated this the way we think Trump has,” Nadler said.

Pure hyperbole on this moron’s part. This is what leftists say all the time, that this (insert incident here) is the worst violation ever.

But next week, they’ll be saying it again about some other thing a conservative said or did. It’s classic concern-trolling, with them acting like they’re so “concerned” about make-believe Constitutional violations.

Which is funny, seeing how they spend all their time trying to systematically dismantle the document.

Of course, these clowns were more than willing to allow Hillary to trounce about the world while Secretary of State, and at the same time, receive millions in “donations” from the same governments she met with on government business.

They never expressed any concern about the Clinton Foundation’s global government connections and how President Hillary would leverage that to further enrich her criminal family.

That’s because when you’re a leftist, it’s okay to use your government position to enrich yourself.

They’re trying to conflate receiving gifts from a foreign government, with one’s decades-old businesses carrying on like usual and making money.

It’s laughable to even compare the two situations. This attempt will fail like all the others.

They’ll make a fuss, spew propaganda, and in the end, nothing will come of it.

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