Wheat farmer sues Theresa May for damaging his crop 50 years ago

A farmer from Oxfordshire has filed a lawsuit against the British Prime Minister Theresa May after she publicly admitted trampling his crop as a child in an interview with ITV.

81-year old William Murphy owns a wheat farm in the village of Begbroke, where the Conservative leader lived as a child.

He says that it’s in his field that the Prime Minister kept running as a child and that her “savage and repeated trampling” caused “important financial losses”.

“She kept running in my field all the time. I would lose almost 10% of my harvest because she trampled the crops.”

Mr. Murphy is demanding £250,000 as a financial compensation for the financial and emotional stress caused by her childhood pranks.

“I almost lost my farm because of her. For years, I kept waking up at night and having hallucinations of her running in the fields.” 

William Murphy says he had wanted to sue Ms. May in the past but didn’t have sufficient evidence until her public confession.


Mr. Murphy still works seven days a week despite his age. He says he is still haunted by memories of Ms. May running in his field, more than 50 years after the events.

This lawsuit is directly linked to ITV Tonight’s leader interview,  where Theresa May was asked to recount the naughtiest thing she ever did.

Her surprising answer to the question caused a lot of reaction and mockery on the social media:

“I mean, you know, I have to confess, when me and my friends sort of used to run through the fields of wheat, the farmers weren’t too pleased about that.”

Mr. Murphy claims he “almost had a heart attack” when he heard Ms. May pronounce those words and instantly decided to seek justice before he died.

He found a lawyer, gathered evidence and files, and filed a lawsuit.

The British Prime Minister hasn’t reacted to the accusations, but a spokesman for the Conservative Party called the accusations “unfounded” and called the lawsuit an “extortion attempt”.

The case is expected to appear in court in June.

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