Whoa Congressman Exposed For Coup Against President Trump…Look Who It Is!

There are a lot of great things about the Trump presidency.

Not only have we finally got a Republican with some spine and fight in the White House, we have a guy who enrages liberals with every breath he takes.

He just manages to push all of the Left’s buttons, causing closeted radical leftists to reveal their true colors.

This helps the conservative cause, as it shows normal Americans how crazy the Left truly is and how they hide their true beliefs.

The latest victim to reveal his true colors is Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), who is openly advocating for treason.

As reported at the Angry Patriot Movement, Lieu recently took to Twitter to provide his followers with a guideline on how to become a “whistleblower.”

He’s advocating for government workers to illegally leak damaging information to the Trump administration, acting like it’s the “righteous” thing to do.

The tweet he sent out with the guide said, Now more than ever we need whistleblowers to come forward. I created an official website on how to leak to the press.”

Lieu is inciting treason with his website. I wonder if a person would be considered a whistleblower if the info they leaked was damaging to the Democratic Party?

It’s strange that Lieu is now a huge fan of leaks, and is accepting of sensitive government information being revealed, considering that he was perfectly fine with Obama’s unprecedented crackdown on leaks while president.

Lieu is a radical leftist lunatic, and he’s been accusing Trump and conservatives of all sorts of crimes in recent months.

Dear “Attorney General” Sessions: You are a racist and a liar. Actually, just joking. Oh wait, your record shows you are a racist & a liar,” he tweeted in April.

He’s also been heavily pushing the Putin-Trump narrative, even claiming that the US attack in Syria recently was nothing but a smokescreen to make us think the president isn’t colluding with Russia.

The man is clearly unhinged, and he’s become more so since Trump took office.

He’s a disgrace to Congress and to the United States. His incitement of treason is itself treasonous, and if we lived in a sane political world, the man would be at least kicked from office, if not locked up.

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