Woman on welfare paid off her breast implants with food stamps

A 36-year-old Mississippi woman on welfare and mother of eight has decided it’s time she gets something back from society for a change.

“All I do is give and give and give. I’m a giver, but this time I’m a taker,” she admits.

“I’m making more babies than women in third world countries! This is my job, the government pays me! The more kids I have, the more money I get,” she adds.

“Most people nowadays are infertile, or so socially handicapped they can’t even get laid,” she told local reporters.

“I’ve just given birth to my eighth kid six months ago! C’mon, I think I’ve paid my debts to this country!” she says with pride.

Living by

Sandy Brookline, mother of eight, says the challenges of being a single mother are enormous.

“I wouldn’t advise people who want a 9 to 5 job into this career path. When you decide to get into this, you’re in it for the long-run,” she explains.

“It only starts to pay at the sixth child, so if you want to make money, 12 is a good number,” she admits.

“I work in a strip club on weekends, under the table of course, just to make ends meet,” she told the Mississippi Tribune.

“I still have 3-4 babies in me,” she adds.

Sandy says it is her third implant and possibly her last but that she hasn’t given up on her dreams of becoming a model.

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