What Does The Shape Of Your Thumb Reveal About Your Personality?

Can you say with confidence that you know yourself entirely? Are you aware of every facet of your personality? Frankly speaking, even if you answer yes, it’s not possible for you to know of every small detail of who you are. As humans, we’re quite dynamic – ever evolving, ever changing. And we only discover certain aspects of ourselves as we go through the journey of life.

However, despite our growing personalities, we still possess certain dominant traits – characteristics that we may or may not be aware of. These traits are strongly manifested in our physical features. One of the prominent body parts where our personality finds expression is our thumb. The way our thumb is shaped can reveal sides of our personality that we never paid attention to! If you’re searching for insight into your personality, simply choose the thumb that resembles yours the most from the picture below:

Chosen? Awesome! Let’s find out what your thumb reveals about your unique personality:

1. Upper Half Of Your Thumb Is Larger Than The Lower Half

This thumb shape belongs to those who are likely to overreach. Mediocrity is not enough for you and you’d rather strive for the best than settle for even second best! You like to excel in every single thing you do – whether it’s in your personal life or your professional one – and that really shows. When you’re not achieving, you tend to spend your time quietly dreaming of doing something big.

You’re very goal-oriented to the point that the achievement of your goals becomes an obsession for you. Even though you feel very strongly about being successful, you still don’t have a haughty attitude about your achievements. Instead, you’re very humble and grateful.

2. Lower Half Is Larger Than The Upper Half

Kindness and humility are the two standout traits of the possessors of this thumb type. You’re a very deeply rooted individual and place tremendous value on your origins. You always keep calm even in trying situation. Also, you’re content with your lot and never aspire to achieve more. However, if you promise someone something, you will deliver. You’re very considerate.

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